Above the Rest Aerial Photography, Inc., Seattle, Washington.
Above the Rest Aerial Photography, Inc.™ was established in 1995 with an idea of providing a professional and unique approach to photography.

BLIMP SYSTEM: Our system consists of an 18 ft. helium filled blimp which is capable of reaching heights of 10 to 500 ft. The patented self-leveling blimp system is tethered to the photographer which allows maneuverability and transported to the photography site inside a covered trailer.

CAMERA EQUIPMENT: Our camera equipment consists of a Canon High Resolution digital SLR camera which is remotely controlled by the photographer below. A wireless transmitter sends video information to the photographer allowing the composition of the image from ground level.

SAFETY: Safety is a concern for all parties involved. Although there is a very small chance of an accident occurring, measures have been taken to provide General Liability Coverage. A certificate of insurance can be issued for those requesting proof of insurance. We can also provide Additional Insured status for those who require it.

Seattle at dusk Pano.

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